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How to use ToolRocket Capture Screen Recorder for screen recording

ToolRocket Capture Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use video capture software on Windows. It helps you record computer screen of live streams, gaming with audio. You can follow the steps below to learn the interface and guide of the software.


1General Settings

Go to “Settings” > “General”. Here you can tick “Minimize to tray after the recording begins”, “Show countdown timer before recording”. You can edit the mouse cursor with color and effect while moving, hide or unhide the floating toolbar when recording, activate or deactivate the annotate, set the action after clicking the close button.

Gerneral settings


Go to “Settings” > “Record”. You can set the video quality among Highest, SD, HD, video format including AVI, MP4, and FLV, output directory for the recordings.

Record settings


There are three video quality options available to you, including Highest, SD, and HD. You can set the video quality here or in the Settings window.

Hotkey settings


You can decide if you want to add the watermark to the recording videos. You can choose “Disable watermark”, “Image watermark”, or “Text watermark”.

Watermark settings


This software supports eight languages (English, Chinese, Spain, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French). You can switch to any language that you understand.

language settings

All features

1Record Mode

Go back to the main interface. Click the drop-down list of “Area”, you are able to record full screen, selected area, game, and camera.

select recording mode


For recording videos with audio, you can define the audio source, such as microphone, and system sound. You can select “System sounds and microphone”, “System sounds only”, “Microphone only”, “Mute”, and “Customize”.

audio settings


Go back to the main interface. Click the drop-down list of “Area”, you are able to record full screen, selected area, game, and camera.

set video quality


Here you can set AVI, MP4, or FLV as the output format. You can also set the output path in the Settings windows.

set output format


If you combine the camera with the software and is detected by the software, you are able to record camera videos. Choose the camera device, and confirm in advance whether your computer has activated the corresponding settings.

select webcam


Tick the box of “Annotate” to run the brush tools. With those, you can add text or drawing on the computer screen.

activate annotate

7Save to folder

Click the “Change directory” button and select a folder as output path to save the video/audio recordings. By clicking “Open”, you can open the output directory.

set output path

8Start recording

Click the “REC” button, and the software will record the contents on the display according to the parameters set above.

record YouTube video

9Pause recording

After starting recording, click the “Pause” button to pause the current screen recording. By clicking “Continue”, you can continue to record the screen.

10Stop recording

Click the “Stop” button to end the current recording. And it will be saved to “My Captures”.

11My Captures

Navigate to “My Captures”. The recorded videos will be displayed in sequence. And you can play, rename, open, or delete the recordings.

check my captures

12Edit video

Now the software enables you to trim the video length. Go to “Edit”, run “Trimmer”. Then add the recording to this window. Drag the pointer and click the clock symbol of the startpoint, and endpoint to set the video length. Click “Add to list” > “Export file” to save the video on your computer.

trim video in ToolRocket Capture Screen Recorder

ToolRocket Capture Screen Recorder

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